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Destination: Amazon Rainforest

Target Territory: To Be Established.

Country and Region: Peru, Loreto.

Arrival and Departure City: Iquitos 

Main Objective: The Search of Jaguars.

Other Activities: Wildlife Exploration and Amazon Survival.


Available Months: May - November.

Advance Booking Conditions: 1 Month Minimum.

Booking Payment Conditions: 50% Required. 

Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Cards.

Remaining Payment Deadline: Arrival Day in Iquitos.

Departure Days: To Be Established.


Panthera Onca Expeditions from 20 to 30 Days; This particular expedition will be specifically focused on those interested in an intense and strenuous exploration journey across sporadically explored and unexplored Amazonian territories, as many others, this is an extraordinary program, to a place rich in flora and fauna, where the appearance of the amphibious KING of the Amazon THE JAGUAR in such of inhospitable and little-explored jungle area is not a surprise. It is known that when the precedence of who is at the top of the food chain prevails in any ecosystem, it is a sign or an equivalent of a healthy ecosystem.


This expedition will offer physical challenges in a very complex natural environment, where our well-prepared team of indigenous natives of different Amazonian origins, will show and deliver their unique and collective experience of jungle knowledge, guiding, instructing, and caring for each visitor in transit within their best capabilities.

The Jaguar, Yaguar, or Yaguareté (Panthera Onca); is a fierce carnivore of the Panterinos subfamily and genus Panthera. It is the only one of the five current species of this genus found in America. It is also the largest in America and third in the world, after the tiger (Panthera tigris) and the lion (Panthera leo). It is fundamentally lonely, hunting ambushing, and opportunistic when choosing prey. It is a key species for the stabilization of the ecosystems in which it lives; Being a super-predator, it regulates the populations of the species it captures. Adult specimens have an exceptionally powerful bite, even when compared to other large felids, which allows them to pierce the shells of armored reptiles such as turtles and use an unusual method of killing: directly attack the head of the prey between the ears to tip a lethal bite that cuts through the skull with its fangs reaching the brain.


  • Airport Pick Up and Drop Off Transportation.

  • Hotel/hostel search assistance upon arrival to Iquitos (if needed).

  • Fluvial transportation service to/from remote destinations (speed and slow boats).

  • Entry permits to indigenous territories.

  • Economic support to villages nearby.

  • First Responders Wilderness Kit for Emergencies with Antivenom Serums.

  • Satellite/GPS Communication Devices with 24/7 SOS Coverage and Live Locators.

  • Daily meals based on a combination International and traditional local food the whole expedition.

  • Filtered water.

  • Lead Guide/Translator (English-Spanish).

  • Native Assistant Guides/Translators (Spanish-Any Local Indigenous Language).

  • Gear (mosquito net, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and full set of stainless steel flatware​).




  • Airfare to and from Iquitos.

  • Personal Travel Insurance.

  • Hotel/hostel in Iquitos.


  • Booking in Advance is Highly Recommended; for the collection of personal information, request authorization of entry to indigenous territories at all levels (national, regional, and communal authorities), logistic preparation, personnel assignment, etc.

  • Arrival and Departure Recommendation to and from Iquitos; 1 day before and 1 day after your trip.

  • Rucksack Size and Weight Recommendations; 55-65 liters and 10 kilos approx.

  • For Packing List Recommendations; visit our What to Pack page.

  • Be in Decent Physical Condition; as you will be responsible to carry your own equipment at all times.

  • In case of Shamanism with Ayahuasca Master Shamans are Requested; Travelers are highly advised to visit our next link "Master Plants Diet Info".

  • All activities are subject to change due to weather conditions at any time of the year. The main rivers and the levels of the tributaries can vary and, therefore, it is possible that the navigation times and the excursions are modified at the discretion of your Lead Guide.

  • For Additional Information; visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • For Other Questions/Concerns or to Proceed with your Reservation; contact us via WhatsApp. at +51 999 116 499.

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