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Easy (E) - Moderate (M) - Challenging (C) - Strenuous (S)

The Rates and The Levels of Difficulty of Our Expeditions are Both Calculated Based on the Following Combined Factors:

  • Type of Expedition: Survival or Non-Survival.

  • Destination: Amazon Territory Set to Explore.

  • Logistics Based on Length: Days, Weeks, or Months Set to Explore.

  • Navigation Modality: Land, River, or Both.

  • Level of Difficulty: Easy, Moderate, Challenging, or Strenuous.

  • Amount of Personnel Required: From Six - Twenty Team Members.

  • Amount of Participants Permitted: From Two - Six Registrants Maximum.

  • General Levels of Comfort: Weather Conditions, Temperature Range, Gear Involved, etc.

  • Government and Local Contributions: Permits, Entries, Employment, Taxes, etc.

  • Additional Services Upon Request: Ayahuasca Shaman, and Personal Backpack Carrier/Porter.

Expedition Level 1: EASY

For the most part, our Expeditions are not considered at this level at all, unless by special request we have to stay in a particular place for an extended time, whether it is for cultural immersion to share customs and traditions with locals, meditation and healing retreats with master plants, easy-going wilderness explorations, or when on physically demanding expeditions we are asked to assign backpack porters for an additional cost, this last to minimize the level of difficulty required from a moderate, challenging or strenuous jungle crossing.

Expedition Level 3: MODERATE

At this level, our expeditions will have hikes of medium duration and at a fairly moderate pace. No experience is necessary, but good physical condition and general health are important. Some days may require some fast-paced and somewhat difficult hiking, with longer days of hiking than others, and within good general terrain conditions. Normal daily hiking times will vary between four to six hours, depending on the duration of the expedition, and will be combined with short to medium-distance river navigation trips by motor, paddle, or both.

Expedition Level 5: CHALLENGING

An Optimal physical condition at this level will be more than important, which will gradually begin to show its extreme need as our jungle crossing progresses in search of different territories and in more complex terrain. Weather, insects, and great distances will take their toll. Previous hiking experience is desirable, but not vital if you are confident in your physical condition. Key hiking days typically last between six and eight hours, although they can be longer and last several days or even weeks. Expect to interact paddling wooden canoes for hours during explorations on different rivers and narrow streams, both with and against the current.

Expedition Level 7: STRENUOUS

At this level, we recommend previous experience of any type of hiking, preferably in high mountain terrain. You should have complete confidence in your ability to walk for many days, weeks, and even months on difficult terrain. You will find yourself crossing the primary jungle, opening your own trail in dense vegetation, virgin and remote areas with unexpected climatic changes. You will have to experience building your own wooden rafts and canoes to cross rivers and streams, at the same time you will always have to carry your own load and build shelters at ground and tree level. At this level of difficulty, our expeditions can last several months. A high physical and mental condition, added to a great capacity to adapt and overcome the wild environment, will play a very important and essential role since the days in complete isolation will feel indefinite.

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