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Kambo, Sapo, Frog Vaccine or best known by some Amazonian Indigenous people as "Vaccine of the Forest". All these are names that are given to the secretion of an arboriferous frog that lives in the northwestern part of the Amazon jungle (Peru, Colombia, and Brazil). Its scientific name is "Phyllomedusa Bicolor" or known by many as well as Giant Monkey Frog, and in different Amazonian regions as Bicolored Tree Frog, Green Monkey Frog, Giant Leaf Frog, or Waxy-Monkey Tree Frog, which is a fascinating biological phenomenon. This secretion contains an intricate amalgamation of bioactive peptides which offer profound benefits for both physical and mental well-being.

Vittorio Erspamer, an esteemed Italian pharmacologist from the University of Rome, who had the honor of being nominated twice for the Nobel Prize, was the pioneer in analyzing Kambo in a controlled laboratory setting. Through his research, he deduced that Kambo encompasses a "remarkable chemical blend with potential medical applications unparalleled by any other amphibian."


The commendable advantages of Kambo are largely attributed to the bioactive peptides and neuropeptides present in its secretion. These peptides, when introduced to the human body, are known for their therapeutic properties. They exhibit a plethora of beneficial impacts, from disease prevention to physiological modulation. Specifically, these peptides play pivotal roles in various systems such as the gastrointestinal (evidenced by anti-obesity and satiety peptides), cardiovascular (showcased by antihypertensive, antithrombotic, and hypocholesterolemic peptides), immune (including antimicrobial and immune-modulatory peptides), and the nervous system (such as opioid peptides).


The indigenous tribes of the Amazon reverently referred to Kambo as "Magical for Hunting", highlighting its ability to strengthen both body and spirit. Kambo not only invigorates the body with energy and stamina but also increases sensory perceptions. In addition, it promotes mental clarity and tranquility, taking attention away from the mundane and bringing it closer to the true essence of life.

While Kambo isn't classified as a "medicine" in the conventional Western paradigm, countless individuals have testified to its therapeutic attributes. Remarkably, Kambo possesses analgesic capabilities which potentially offer pain alleviation up to 40 times more potent than morphine, yet without the addictive euphoria associated with opiates. Individuals battling autoimmune disorders, such as Lyme disease, have reported transformative relief and revitalization post Kambo treatments. Moreover, Kambo has garnered acclaim for its efficacy in assisting those grappling with psychological challenges, encompassing depression, anxiety, and PTSD.




Kambo is administered through small, superficial blister points created on the skin, allowing the secretion to enter the body. Only the outermost layer, the epidermis, is delicately removed to form these entry points or "gates." Typically, an initial Kambo session involves the creation of 3-5 such gates. Prior to the Kambo application, participants are advised to hydrate with approximately half to a liter of water, preparing their body for the experience.


Once the Kambo is applied to these gates, its effects manifest rapidly but are transient, typically lasting around 20-25 minutes. Within the initial 30 seconds to a minute, participants might perceive a warming flush enveloping their body. A slight acceleration in heart rate may be accompanied by a subtle pulsating feeling in the head. Temporary numbness or tingling might occur, particularly in the lips, ears, tongue and sometimes arms. These sensations, which could also include dizziness or light-headedness, generally persist for around 5-7 minutes.

This initial phase is succeeded by a period, approximately 10-15 minutes long, wherein the participants may experience symptoms reminiscent of a mild flu — sensations of weakness, body aches, and nausea. It's noteworthy that while some individuals might feel an urge to purge, it isn't universally experienced nor is it obligatory for Kambo's benefits to manifest. This purging response, contrary to some exaggerated portrayals on platforms like YouTube, is usually undramatic. The pre-Kambo hydration ensures that if purging does occur, it is gentle and relatively comfortable.


Post-purge, participants typically report a swift decline in the flu-like symptoms. They might then transition into a deeply relaxed state, occasionally accompanied by feelings of euphoria. After a recovery period of 30-45 minutes, participants generally find their vigor restored, enabling them to resume their day-to-day activities. The therapeutic benefits of Kambo often manifest in the ensuing hours and days, with some individuals noting positive effects lasting weeks and months post-session.



It is true that today there are many facilitators, both indigenous and non-indigenous, who provide this same experience not only within the Amazon, but also in the surrounding urban cities and even in other countries by foreigners themselves.


What origin, nationality, sex or beliefs the facilitator is today that you find Kambo facilitating does not matter, what matters is that he understands well what he does, how he does it and why he does it.


So, identifying a good facilitator is not as difficult as it seems, the difficult thing is finding him/her. Finding one who only knows the ancient indigenous ways of using it, is not enough, if you find one who knows both including the scientific studies of its healing properties you have probably already found him/her.


In your search, you will immediately realize if he/she is only doing it for monetary reasons, basically to sell you the service without really having a broad knowledge of the what and why they do what they do, therefore your experience will always end up incomplete with you also not understanding anything. He or She who knows, will sincerely guide you in desiring and achieving your healing purpose for which you began your search.


It is always recommended to perform Kambo with an experienced facilitator to support a positive experience. One who leads a healthy life, one with multiple years of servicing Kambo genuinely, one who treats with respect the secretion of this beautiful little Doctor Frog and Guardian of the most fascinating natural medicine even the frog is unaware of, someone who can guide you step by step through the whole process with a lot of patience, love and respect, whether to assist you find healing or teach you to assist others to serve as well.


In conclusion, do your investigative homework and have a prior dialogue with the facilitator you chose, and ask him.her to help your understand Kambo the same way he/she understand. If you find someone who, apart from knowledge, possesses and uses a safety methodology or protocol in their Kambo sessions, it is a good sign.




The information stated on this page on the benefits of indigenous ancestral alternative medicine have not been and will never be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, simply because they will never be in favor of it. Therefore, this method of assisted personal self-healing it is not officially considered to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Be also advised that the content of this website is provided for informational purposes only, for open-minded recipients, and not from official medical advisers who only prescribe pharmaceutical medications. It is recommended to consult a professional who has wide knowledge of both, conventional and alternative medicine before the beginning of any natural program.

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