Travel Required Documents:


  • Validated Passport/Identity Card to prove minimum required age, 18 years and over.

  • Updated Health Card (with negative RT-PCR Test Result taken within 72hrs of arrival to Iquitos).

  • Completed Traveler’s Personal Travel Information (provided after booking is confirmed).

  • Signed Travelers Risk Acknowledgment And Liability Waiver  (provided after booking is confirmed).

  • Owned Personal Travel Insurance (optional). AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS assumes no financial responsibility for medical expenses or eventual evacuations that may occur during or after the execution of any of its jungle expeditions and survival training courses caused by Mother Nature.


Our Services:


  • AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS is an independent travel operator, organizer and direct executor of its own Amazon jungle expeditions and survival training, who does not work in alliance with any other operator or external travel agency to provide access to its operations. AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS only focuses on exploring remote Amazon Jungle territories.


  • AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS organizes and directs Amazon nomadic expeditions, Amazonian indigenous survival training and educational retreats with master plants and other medicinal plants of popular use in the Peruvian Amazon, only in Amazonian territories with extremely low or no tourist presence. During explorations in remote jungle areas, participants will sleep in their own provided military tactical tents, tents available to accommodate a solo traveler, and tents to accommodate 2 travelers per tent. Depending on every situation, some nights could be also spent in jungle houses of native people while crossing villages exploring the Amazon, natural built shelters, tree built platforms, etc.


  • AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS owns a Jungle Survival School/Guest House in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, located near the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Regional/Communal Conservation Area, where visitors in transit conducting expeditions such as the AMAZON CROSSING EXPEDITIONS, and AMAZON MASTER PLANTS EXPEDITIONS on programs of five days or longer,  will spend few nights inside our rustic looking jungle house, with very basic cabins typical of the region, well constructed, clean and welcoming.   


  • AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS does not promote luxurious experiences. The basic and very essential campaign equipment provided to each participant and the well prepared exploratory team assigned to each group will be the best support tool and force that each adventurer will receive to help them and motivate them to achieve the completion of their journey while crossing the Amazon.


  • Programs and activities may vary, and will be adjusted depending on seasons, weather conditions and their effect on water level of the rivers throughout the region.


  • Our meals are not the typical tourist food, for the most part, we will be providing the typical Amazonian local food and it is food that lasts in the heat and humidity of the tropical rainforest. We will supplement our meals with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with fresh meats such as fish, chicken and beef for the first 3 days of our expeditions. Starting Day 4 with beans/lentils/peas/starches since fresh fruits, vegetables and meats cannot be kept cool for a long time in a hot environment. We will also supply our diets with canned fruits, and a variety of previously smoked fixed meats and fresh fish and meat from our daily fishing and hunting trips to complement longer expeditions. We will try our best to offer special diets, such as vegetarian, vegan or any kind of diet by request. Please keep in mind that as we are crossing certain indigenous villages, we will financially contribute with the friendly local inhabitants of the area, buying their supplies to re-enforce our supplies. Last but not least, your AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS exploratory team assigned to your group, will be also carrying with them Military Rations (MRE - Meal Ready to Eat) to use them only in case of emergencies on expeditions over 20 days long.


  • Air transport used for expeditions such as the ones destined to the Matses Territory and to Sierra del Divisor are subject to pre-established dates by the local military aircraft. However, according to weather conditions, flights may be delayed. Although situations like this are very rare to happen, we still encourage travelers to be ready for the worst by opting to purchase flexible plane tickets to and from Iquitos if you have in mind considering exploring these particular Tribal Territories.  


  • AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS does not assume any responsibility in case the start or return of your expedition or jungle training is delayed due to situations beyond the control of the company, like bad inclement weather and as a result, expeditions are delayed or you lose your return flight. To help you prevent this, we recommend being in Iquitos at least one day before the commencement of your expedition and minimum one full day after the end.


  • In case a traveler or part of the group voluntarily decides to return before the conclusion of the expedition or training course, he/she will not receive any reimbursement from AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS and the traveler(s) must also pay the cost of transport back to Iquitos. Keep in mind that we are not taking a walk in a zoo or amusement park, most of our far away destinations have been meticulously and already chronologically arranged for their successful completion (ground transportation, hydroplanes, boats, gas, food, personnel, etc.) unless we are experiencing a serious emergency.


  • AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS does not provide any health or life insurance.  Again it is suggested that every participant purchase his or her own insurances. AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS will not assume any financial responsibility for medical or evacuation expenses it may have to incur in.


  • Our operations office in Iquitos will remain periodically open and closed most of the time throughout the whole day, since we normally work by bookings in advance, and due to the nature of our job which demands us to be hands-on in the jungle. If you did not arrange a meeting and/or you wish to contact us personally in Iquitos, you must write us to info@amazonexpeditioners.com, call us, or send us a Whatsapp. text to the following customer service mobile number: +51 999 116 499 (Spanish or English).


How to Join Us:

  • There are Two Travel Preferences on how to join our expeditions/survival training/activities, and you must select these options while completing your Travel Inquiry on our CONTACT US  page.

  • The First Travel Preference is by selecting that you want to travel in your own Private Group or the Second Travel Preference by selecting to travel in a Shared Group with other travelers.


Booking Policy:


  • AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS will only allow a maximum limit of 6 participants and a minimum of 2 participants per group. All this with the purpose of maintaining the best quality experience during our jungle explorations. We truly believe that 6 or less fits that criteria.


  • When a formal decision is made via email or via whatsapp chat to proceed with the official booking of your expedition, we will send you an email requesting you to secure your seat with a 50% booking deposit payment.


  • Travelers REQUESTING TO TRAVEL IN THEIR OWN PRIVATE GROUP can proceed with booking as soon as they are ready to send their 50% booking deposit payment. We strongly recommend a minimum of 60 days before the commencement of your expedition, the earliest the better.


  • Travelers REQUESTING TO JOIN OTHER TRAVELERS, payments to guarantee your seat will be requested as soon as; #1 Your group reaches the minimum required numbers of participant, which is “two signed up participants”, #2 Two months before the beginning date of your expedition, or #3 The earliest two minimum travelers are ready to pay, whichever comes first. Now, once the 50% deposit payment of your reservation is formally made on shared expeditions, there is no going back since a decision of abandoning your group will not only affect us as organizers, but it will also affect other travelers who have already promised to travel with you in your selected group, you will basically lose your 50% reservation payment. 


  • No expeditions seats are guaranteed unless your 50% booking deposit payment is received.


  • 50% remaining payments must be fully paid before starting your expedition at your arrival to Iquitos.


  • Payments can be made ​​with U.S. Dollars or Peruvian soles at the exchange rate indicated the day of your arrival to Iquitos.


  • When paying the 50% remaining cost of your expedition, cash payments in US Dollars should be made with new bills: In good conditions, without creases, tears or stains, as banks do not accept damaged bills in Peru.


Method of Payment:

We accept reservation payments via all major Credit Cards, and International Bank Transfer.


Credit Cards: (this payment method usually takes 3 business days to reach our account)

You need to request a payment link sent via email to proceed with your 50% booking deposit payment.


Bank Transfer from Abroad: (this payment method usually takes 5 business days to reach our account)

Bank name 

Banco Internacional del Peru (Interbank)


Swift Code



Bank Account Number 



Bank Account Holder

Christian Diógenes Del Cuadro


Bank Address

Av. Carlos Villarán 140, Urb. Santa Catalina, La Victoria, Lima - Peru


Bank Phone Number



Reservation Payment Authorization Agreement: 

By completing payment cardholder or account holder authorizes the invoiced amount to be charged to their credit card, PayPal account or other accounts, in connection with the transaction and agrees that a charge-back to the referenced credit card, PayPal account or other accounts are strictly prohibited and is not an option for disputing the validity of any charge in connection with this agreement. The cardholder’s, PayPal account holder's, and other accounts used for the reservation payment transaction sole remedy with respect to any dispute shall be pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement between the payee and AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS. The payee further agrees to indemnify and reimburse AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS promptly for the full authorization amount referenced in the event they engage in any and all efforts to charge-back the referenced credit card, PayPal account or other accounts utilized.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation by AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS:

If an expedition is canceled by AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, because of extraordinary weather conditions, and due to the Peruvian Government last minute changes on travel protocols due to the worldwide pandemic, all payments paid to AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS by the traveler will be refunded in full. This does not include international money transaction fees charged by third parties such as paypal, credit cards, etc. AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS accept no responsibility for any other personal expenses incurred by travelers during the preparation of their trip to arrive in Peru, including airline tickets, hotels, etc.


  • Cancellation by Travelers:

For cancellation of confirmed reservations, the following penalties will be applied to the 50% deposit paid:


60 days or more before the start date of your booked expedition: 20%

30 to 59 days before the start date of your booked expedition : 30%

29 to 15 days before the start date of your booked expedition : 50%

14 days or less before the start date of your booked expedition : 100%


Again, cancellation transaction fees will NOT be assumed by AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS.



Liability for services not provided, due to the negligence of AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, and or its employees, is limited to the real cost of the omitted services and excludes all resulting indirect costs and consequences. In the event of the above, AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS will make its best effort to provide alternative arrangements at the same cost, subject to availability. AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, is not liable for losses, material or physical damage, illness, allergies, and delays or other inconveniences caused by natural events or by third parties.


Responsibilities & Obligations:

AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS is responsible for providing all the services and accommodations exactly as advertised. In case of natural disasters, severe weather or any other acts of nature, AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, are not responsible for the services not provided. We maintain the right to change and/or re-schedule services that we deem appropriate or necessary. If for any reason the transportation chosen by the passenger (bus, flight, train, etc) does not arrive at the destination at the date and hour programmed to start the expedition or program, AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, denies all responsibility for not providing the expedition or package services. These services will not be reprogrammed. AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS will provide services only from the portion considered after the arrival of passengers. AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS is not responsible for loss, damage or injury related to services or accommodations provided by third parties. We reserve the right to make changes in any program in the event it becomes necessary to ensure the safety, comfort or well being of the traveler. Such a change will be made without penalty.



When carrying out any vacation program through our company AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, all our clients automatically declare to know and to accept the terms & conditions provided in this document via email, and in no case, clients will be able to allege ignorance to the same.