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This page has been created to Publish Expeditions for Anyone with the desire to Meet other potential travelers to Share their same Expedition of choice and with their same travel dates.


Now, something to keep in mind with Shared Expeditions compared to Private Expeditions is that they are specifically arranged for an open public to join and they not belong solely to you once you're in. This is why we only recommend this type of groups to mature and open-minded participants who are easy to get along with others, and who are also good at socializing in group experiences with travelers of different nationalities. If this doesn't sound like you, we recommend you to request your Own Private Expedition of Choice and with your own Travel Dates.


​What to expect after signing up:

1) You'll be immediately notified via email that we've successfully signed you up for your expedition of preference.

2) We'll review your request and make our first and only attempt to contact you via WhatsApp., only to verify it's you on the other side.

3) If you did not provide us with a valid mobile number to contact you via WhatsApp., you'll not be considered as a serious potential participant, and we'll not waste our time trying to contact you using other methods. We'll use e-mails for booking purposes only.

4) Once we confirmed it's you on the other side of the phone, we'll proceed to provide you with all the information and assistance you need about your travel intentions.

5) If at the very end you agree to join us. We'll proceed with the collection of your 50% reservation payment via e-mail to have you Officially Booked with us.

6) In case you've decided not to join us. No worries, your number will be simply removed from our contacts, and you won't be bother with any further messages ever.

7) Once you are Officially Booked with us, you will be moved to a Chat Room pertaining to your expedition of choice, and have you e-meet other travelers in your group if any at the time.

8) You'll be periodically notified via WhatsApp about your group's growth progress.


We strongly recommend you to assist us in sharing your trip with your contacts or followers on your social media accounts, this way we motivate other potential travelers to join your group.



  • Signing up for an expedition does not guarantee your seat unless your 50% reservation payment is received.
  • Amazon Expeditioners will only allow a maximum limit of 6 participants and a minimum of 2 participants per group, all this with the purpose of maintaining the best quality experience during our jungle explorations. We truly believe 6 travelers or less fits this criteria.

  • Once the 50% deposit payment of your reservation is formally made on your shared expedition, there is no going back since the decision of abandoning your group, will not only affect us as organizers but will also affect other travelers who have already promised and paid their reservations to travel with you, if this turns to be the case. "You Will Basically Lose Your 50% Reservation Deposit Payment".

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