Average Temperature From 90ºF (32ºC) To 70ºF (21 ºC)

Compared to other jungle survival experiences provided in different jungles of the world, ours will be strictly and solely based on teaching "AMAZON SURVIVAL" from start to finish. We will share our knowledge through indigenous methods and techniques used since ancient times and passed from generations to generations, as unique primitive tools and ways to interact and overcome everyday situations within a complex ecosystem such as the Amazon jungle.

The difficulty levels of each Amazon Survival trip that we normally undertake, won't vary from being between challenging and extreme. What will vary will be the number of days involved and the Amazon jungle territory available to be explored on the requested dates.

Every survival journey will immerse travelers into territories that requires prior authorization for access by the local indigenous authorities at all different levels (communal, regional and national). This is one of the main reasons why we strongly advise travelers to make their reservations with enough time in advance, Since We Cannot Claim the Free Right to Enter and Explore Any Amazon Territory Without the Prior Consent of it's Current Inhabitants and Caretakers!

Once the reservations are made at the required time and the respective authorizations are obtained, our team will accompany each traveler with total freedom and tranquility to explore the depths of the Amazon jungle properly, and with the main purpose of providing a nomadic experience and genuine as lived by its own inhabitants since ancient times.

​Here, the same concept will be applied as on our expeditions page. The longer your availability, the more extensive and intensive your experience will be, and the more you extend and intensify your experience, the more remote, isolated, challenging and extreme your journey will become.

The Million Dollar Question Is: How much time do you have available for this challenging and extreme experience?



NOTE: Just so all readers know, here we are not trying to compete with other companies in the area or around the world on who is the toughest, who is the best equipped, who has the latest technology, or who even has the best combined military jungle survival experience. WE ARE INDIGENOUS HERE, AND THIS IS ABOUT AMAZON SURVIVAL ONLY, where we will be sharing knowledge with each traveler making sure we deliver a once-in-a-lifetime jungle experience with genuine native indigenous people from different Amazonian ethnic groups.

With us, you'll not be treated as tourists, much less as clients, you will be part of our survival band of brothers the second you join us. You will learn to work by training in a group and alone in all aspects of Amazon Survival when it comes to; (carrying loads, making fire, building shelters, catching your food, searching for water, first aid, etc.). We will take this as a very serious, hard, and at the same time fun training experience, and we will not expect you to learn anything on your own and in the blink of an eye, because it will not be possible to do so in such of short amount of time. Our main goal will be to send you back to where you came from with much learned, that's all.


We Do Not Require Any Previous Jungle Survival Training Experience before signing up for any of our Amazon Survival Trips, the only thing we require is for travelers to be Physically and Mentally Fit, and to declare in writing to be Medically Qualified. 


Be advised, that all our survival activities shown in each of the photographs below on this Amazon survival page are activities carried out daily with our indigenous team from each Amazon jungle territory we explore, and with all the respective permits from the local indigenous authorities.


None of the operations we conduct are outside of the normal daily life we as jungle keepers live, and all we do are for survival purposes only.

We, AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, without exclusion of any of the members of our team, live in and around the Amazon rainforest, and in a healthy and natural way, surviving from what nature provides, by taking care of it and by benefiting from it in a very responsible way, the same exact way we teach and enforce others to do.