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Amazon Expeditions is a registered operator with many years of experience in jungle explorations, made up of a well-selected team of native guides from different indigenous backgrounds. Genuine organizers and executors of nomadic expeditions and survival in Sporadically Explored and Unexplored Amazonian Territories.

Registered Operator

First Responders Certified

Remote Destinations

Nomadic Explorations

Guides of Native Origins

Advance Bookings Only

Our Mission

To organize and execute, pre-established and customized "Private and Shared" nomadic jungle expeditions and survival, with a receptive travel service to the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, with special attention to detail, professional courtesy, and very high practice of health and safety.

Our Focus

To only provide "Nomadic Exploration Experiences", through the conduction of genuine expeditions and survival in remote areas of the Amazon, pre-scanning responsible and sustainable tourism initiatives with local indigenous communities in the area, helping, guiding, instructing and constantly guarding for the protection of the environment.

Our Team

Made up of a group of native healers specialized in carrying out ancestral practices with Amazonian indigenous medicinal plants, and a group of experts in carrying out expeditions and jungle survival. Coming from different parts of the region, from different ethnic origins, and with the determination to work hard to fulfill and exceed travelers expectations.

Our Vision

 To rescue and share many of our ancestral indigenous customs and traditions lost within the new generations throughout the years in most of the Amazonian ethnic groups, keeping them as alive as possible through our journeys, interacting with native medicinal plants, primitive weapons, wild native foods, wildlife behavior, dances, history, myths, indigenous languages, beliefs, rituals, etc.​

Our Commitment

To provide each community we transit through, the economic and moral support that our operations demand, hiring local assistant guides, cooks, motorboat operators, load carriers, etc., whom we consider and recognize, as an auxiliary support team of great value to our main team in each expedition that we execute.

  Amazon Expeditioners; Does Not Promote, Organize or Execute Conventional Trips, Nor Does it Support Establishments Where Animals Live Deprived of Their Liberty! 


We are strictly dedicated to the organization and conduction of long-lasting Nomadic Survival Expeditions.​

We only choose to explore non-tourist jungle destinations of rarely explored and unexplored Amazon territories.​

We focus on Small Groups Only in order to provide the best-personalized experience.​​

We strongly promote our non-conventional style only to highly motivated participants with strong adaptation capacities and who are in a good physical and mental condition to undertake the challenges that the Amazon rainforest demands by nature. Whether your decision is to request us to organize a Private Expedition for you alone or your group only, or you're traveling solo and need our assistance to help you find a travel buddy for a Shared Expedition; either way, our goal will remain intact, which is to deliver the genuine Amazon experience you came to us for.

Each member of our team is of Amazonian Origin. All of us, with the motivation and determination to share our own Amazon survival knowledge in the most genuine and primitive way, and this combination of different ethnic roots found among us is what makes us unique.

We are not looking to compete with any other team in the region, we respect them all as pioneers or beginners in the field with their own style and ways of offering an Amazon experience as best they can and know how. On whom we focus and always seek to improve at all times is our team, doing what we do in the most natural and authentic way because we were born here and grew up here, the Amazon is our home, and there is nothing to change or implement in our local way of life. Once again, our sole purpose is to show you the real life of an Amazon Indian today, rescuing as much as possible their ancestral customs and traditions.


Last but not least, every cent we earn being ambassadors of our own homeland, stays for our region, native communities, and families.

The best recommendation we give to future visitors from the get-go is to be prepared and be willing to be integrated into a fairly nomadic experience that possesses only the most minimal and essential necessities. We believe that by being aware of all this, travelers will allow themselves to embrace and be embraced to and from a very unique and nonjudgmental journey in the depths of a natural environment as complex as the Amazon rainforest. 

The purpose and the mission of our team during every expedition, and survival experience will always be to give each visitor the feeling of being part of this extraordinary ecosystem, exploring it in the most safest and responsible way.

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