AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, is an experienced adventure travel operator, made up of a well-selected team of local native guides, all from different Amazonian backgrounds, experts in the conduction of nomadic jungle survival expeditions, both indigenous and military.


  AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS Does Not Promote, Organize or Execute Conventional Type Trips, Nor Does it Support Establishments Where Animals Live Deprived of Their Liberty!  



We really focus on EXPEDITIONS, NOT TOURS, long-term and outdoor expeditions far from civilization, in which we advise our future participants, to be prepared and willing to integrate into a fairly nomadic adventure, from few to zero amenities and far away compared to a city lifestyle. We believe that only by being aware of all this, visitors will allow themselves to embrace and let be embraced, experiencing a unique and nonjudgmental trip within the depths of a natural environment as complex as the Amazon rainforest. The purpose and the mission of our team during our trips will always be, to give each visitor the feeling of being part of its extraordinary ecosystem, exploring it in a safe and responsible way.

AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS provides a large variety of group scheduled expeditions, and tailor - made private expeditions focused on the following jungle activities:

Adventure Expeditions, Wildlife Explorations, Adrenaline & Extreme Expeditions, Survival Expeditions and Coexistence with Indigenous Tribes and Shamanism.


This page contains a list of expeditions to different Amazon jungle territories, all nomadic adventure trips for travelers seeking to live a genuine jungle experience. Available for travelers who also prefer to request a PRIVATE EXPEDITION instead of joining other groups.


Our jungle expeditions are classified from MODERATE - EXTREME levels of difficulty due to their complexity, the accessibility and the activities demanded in each of them, all to remote destinations far from civilization, some within explored jungle territories near indigenous communities and others in pristine jungle territories from little to not yet explored, where sporadic contacted tribes are situated.


Our jungle survival trips are challenging experiences of true scenarios carried out far from civilization, focused on teaching participants how native indigenous people survive in such a complex and like no other Amazon rainforest, all this through the use of local jungle survival techniques shared from one generation to another.


These genuine trips will provide intense days of PRACTICAL TRAINING AND REAL ISOLATION PHASES, in order to guide each participant to the development and construction of their own adaptation and integration to the current reality, as a team and as individuals.


This page was created for travelers not looking to book private expeditions, rather this is a page for those who wish to share their experiences with other travelers for a variety of reasons, maybe for being solo travelers, wanting to meet people, cultural sharing, lower rates, etc.


This page will show you a complete list of group organized expeditions, scheduled months in advance for an open public to join, all of them long-lasting expeditions with carefully selected destinations to exclusive Amazon territories and, with their best estimated dates to be carried out at the their best explorable time of the year. Hurry up reserve and your seat now!


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