Amazon Expeditioners; is an experienced and registered Travel Operator, but more like a well and small selected team of local native guides from different Amazonian backgrounds, experts in providing genuine and adventurous nomadic expeditions and survival in remote and isolated Amazon territories of low to zero human presence.

Registered Operator

First Responders Certified

Remote Destinations

Nomadic Explorations

Guides of Native Origins

Advance Bookings Only

  Amazon Expeditioners; Does Not Promote, Organize or Execute Conventional Trips, Nor Does it Support Establishments Where Animals Live Deprived of Their Liberty! 


  • We are strictly dedicated in the organization and conduction of long lasting Nomadic Expeditions and Survival of a minimum of one week duration.

  • We only choose to explore isolated jungle areas, all to non-tourist destinations, and from rarely explored to unexplored Amazon territories.

  • We mainly focus on exploring the Amazon with Small Groups Only of no more than 6 Total Travelers per Group in order to obtain the best possible experience.

  • Most of our expeditions are mainly organized and executed for highly motivated participants with strong adaptation capacity and who are in good physical and mental condition to undertake the challenges that the Amazon rainforest demands by nature. Taking into account that if you're requesting to travel in your own Private Group versus a Shared Group, your private group will have the advantage to request us to adjust the level of difficulty of some of our expeditions to the level suitable to all the members of your group, "Moderate - Challenging - Strenuous". Either way our goal will remain intact, which is to deliver everyone the same genuine Amazon experience you came to us for, and in a real jungle scenario. 

  • Each Member Of Our Team Are From Amazon Origins. All of us, with the motivation and determination to share our own Amazon survival knowledge in the most genuine and primitive way, and this combination of different ethnic groups that are found amongst us is what sets us apart from the rest.

  • We keep everything we do very simple on our social media accounts, we like our low profile. Even less do we seek to compete with anyone around, again, we do what we do because We Are 100% Locals, and every coin we earn by being ambassadors of our own lands, stays for our families, native communities, and region.


The best recommendation we can give to our future visitors from the get go, is to be prepared and be willing to be integrated into a fairly nomadic experience that possesses only the most minimal and essential necessities. We believe that by being aware of all this, travelers will allow themselves to embrace and be embraced to and from a very unique and nonjudgmental journey in the depths of a natural environment as complex as the Amazon rainforest. 

The purpose and the mission of our team during every expedition, and survival experience will always be to give each visitor the feeling of being part of this extraordinary ecosystem, exploring it in the most safest and responsible way.