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Amazon Expeditioners, is an active and expert team of native local guides, specialized in 

jungle expeditions, survival,  and shamanism retreats in the Amazon Rainforest of the Peru.






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AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, is an adventure travel company made of an active and expert team of native local guides, specialized in wildlife exploration expeditions, jungle survival trips, coexistence expeditions with Amazonian tribes and indigenous ancestral shamanism retreats in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru.


AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS Does Not Promote, Organize or Execute Conventional Type Trips, Nor Does it Support Establishments Where Animals Live Deprived of Their Liberty!




Our trips are mostly outdoor expeditions far from our modern civilization, in which we advise our future participants, to be prepared and willing to integrate into a fairly nomadic adventure, with few to zero amenities, and far away compared to a city lifestyle. We believe that only by being aware of all this, visitors will allow themselves to embrace and experience a unique and nonjudgmental trip within the depths of a natural environment as complex as the Amazon rainforest. The purpose and the mission of our team during our trips, will always be, to give each visitor the feeling of being part of this extraordinary ecosystem, exploring it in a safe and responsible way.

Be advised, that by only choosing the AMAZON CROSSING EXPEDITION Route across the Tamshiyacu - Tahuayo Regional Conservation Area, 

visitors will have the option of combining their overnight stays spending their first arrival night in our Jungle Retreat Camp located on the Tahuayo River banks, a very peaceful, private and remote place that possess a "Total Disconnection" and "Non-Touristic" jungle area, the rest of the nights during this complete Amazon Crossing Expedition, our overnight stays will be in the middle of the jungle in order to end our crossing experience.  


 AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS provides a large variety of established itineraries, and tailor-made trips focused on the following jungle activities: 

Jungle & River Navigation, Nomadic Camping Expeditions, Nature & Wildlife Explorations, Adrenaline & Extreme Expeditions, Survival, and Shamanism.


Our expeditions are, adventurous jungle trips classified from MODERATE TO EXTREME 

LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY, possessing the best selected remote destinations far away from civilization and with a protected ecosystem, located in the Loreto Region of Peru, near indigenous communities, some with very sporadic contact with our modern world, areas with restricted access unless authorized by the communal, regional or national authorities.

Our nomadic style expeditions are professionally

organized for authentic adventurers seeking to live a realistic and genuine experience exploring the Amazon Rainforest.


Our jungle survival trips are, challenging experiences of true scenarios carried out far from civilization, focused on teaching participants how most indigenous natives of the area survive in such a complex and like no other Amazon rainforest, all this through the use of local jungle survival techniques shared from one generation to another. These genuine trips will provide intense days of PRACTICAL TRAINING AND REAL ISOLATION PHASES, in order to guide each participant to the development and construction of their own adaptation and integration to the current reality, as a team and as individuals.


Our shamanism trips are relaxing crossings that are conducted in and around our privately owned Jungle Retreat Camp, located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, on the banks of the Tahuayo River. These trips also focus on explorations of fauna and flora, spiritual adventure trips of self-encounter with our inner being, led by Master Healers and Expert Facilitators, who will guide and teach the correct use of ; AYAHUASCA, KAMBO, RAPÉ AND SANANGA. Powerful and effective Amazonian ancestral native medicines that clean, treat, cure and harmonize our body, mind and soul.