STAFF SIZE REQUIRED: 20-30 Members Approx.



DESTINATION: Sierra del Divisor National Park.

LOCATION: Amazon Rainforest - Loreto Region.


CLASSIFICATION OF ETHNIC GROUPS NEARBY: Uncontacted, Sporadic Contacted, and Permanent Contacted.

NAME OF ETHNIC GROUPS NEARBY: Matses, and Isconawas.


ACCOMMODATIONS: Tents/Mosquito Nets/Hammocks.


MAIN OBJECTIVE: The Exploration and Crossing of Unexplored and Untouched Jungle Highland Areas of Sierra del Divisor Until Reaching Peru and Brazil Borders on Matses Territory.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Wildlife Exploration and Amazon Survival.


AVAILABLE MONTHS: June - September.



PAYMENT METHODS: All Major Credit Cards.

REMAINING PAYMENT DEADLINE: 1 Month Before Expedition.



The Sierra del Divisor National Park (PNSD) covers territories of the province of Coronel Portillo in the department of Ucayali and of the provinces of Ucayali, Requena and Maynas belonging to the department of Loreto. It has an extension of 1,354,485.10 hectares. This protected natural area seeks to protect the Sierra del Divisor which is a mountainous complex located in the Amazon plain. These mountains have a steep slope and originate a watershed at more than 900 meters above sea level.

The complex of cones and hills of volcanic origin present in the Contamana - Abujao - El Divisor region constitutes the origin of infinity of small basins that drain their waters towards the Ucayali River in Peru and the Yuruá in Brazil. In that country there is a complex of protected natural areas contiguous to the Park, which form a biological corridor of more than three million hectares.

Geologically, it is one of the oldest areas of the Amazon and has spectacular and inaccessible landscapes. At the same time, the Sierra del Divisor National Park presents little intervening areas with a high degree of conservation that encompass ecosystems and biological communities of endemic flora and fauna species and of restricted distribution, which makes it an area of ​​great importance. Likewise, it has numerous waterfalls, hot springs and macaw clay licks, of great beauty and attractiveness.

The unique geographical situation of the PNSD with its isolated mountains has generated many endemism, that is, in the area there are species that only exist in that place. Only in the Sierra del Divisor inhabits the "bird of the divisorius" (Thamnophilus divisorius), also known as the Acre anthill, referring to the neighboring Brazilian region where it was first recorded in 2004. Later this bird was found in Peru .

Travelers who are considering exploring Sierra del Divisor, know that this is a rarely explored jungle area like few others, mountainous and challenging. The beauty of this territory which makes it unique among the others, is that it has mountainous jungle, waterfalls, caves, and hot springs of which many of them have thermal and medicinal volcanic waters due to their high content of natural minerals.





  • Booking in Advance is Highly Recommended; for the collection of personal information, to request authorization of entry to indigenous territories at all levels (national, regional, and communal authorities), logistic preparation, personnel assignment, etc.

  • Recommendation of Arrival and Departure to and from Iquitos; to arrive 2 full days before your trip and to only purchase flexible departure airfare tickets from Iquitos, as we cannot predict the exact day our survival journey will end. The only thing we can roughly calculate is the number of days our journey may take, which is between 50 to 60 days approximately.

  • Rucksack Size and Weight Recommendations; 65 liters and 10 kilos.

  • For full packing list details visit our What to Pack page.

  • This particular expedition is only open to highly motivated participants with strong adaptation capabilities and who are in good physical and mental condition, as you will be responsible for carrying your own equipment on each exploration hike through the primary jungle, as well as to go far and beyond for your own survival needs.

  • Jungle activities during this long journey will come naturally as we explore and navigate along and en route to our main objective by water and land.

  • For additional information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Airport Pick Up and Drop Off Transportation | Airfare to Matses Territory| Fluvial Transportation | Entry Permits to Indigenous Territory | Economic Support to Villages | Meals; 75% Supplied and 25% Obtained from Nature | Survival Guides with Satellite Phone For Emergencies | Wilderness First Response First Aid Kit | Essential Gear Provided By Amazon Expeditioners See Our What to Pack page.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: Airfare to and from Iquitos | Personal Travel Insurance Hotel in Iquitos.