DESTINATION: Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve

LOCATION: Amazon Rainforest - Loreto Region


ACCOMMODATION: Tents/Primitive Shelters/Cabins

MAIN ACTIVITY: Fauna and Flora Exploration

OTHER ACTIVITIES Photography, Documentary, etc.


ADVANCE BOOKING: 1 Required Month

LAST MINUTE BOOKING: Depending on Availability

50% PAYMENT: Required To Secure Seats

PAYMENT METHODS: All Major Credit Cards




PACAYA - SAMIRIA EXPEDITION 12D/11N. Pacaya - Samiria is the second largest protected area in Peru. It is a paradise for nature lovers, with a biodiversity that is manifested in more than 1000 species of animals and 965 species of wild plants. 


This humid, tropical and flooded rainforest is an autonomous and exemplary ecosystem, which houses a large variety of remote lagoons and native communities that have experiential tourism as one of their main means of subsistence.

The reserve has 15 authorized campsites distributed in 8 areas open for tourism; as well as 5 wilderness huts. Moreover, there are 19 park ranger stations 4 of them with information stands and 21 neighborhood watch stations paima gigas. Up to 13 species of primates also live in this reserve.


  • BOOKING IN ADVANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (for collection of personal information, government permissions to protected areas, logistical arrangements, exploration team assignments, English Speaking Guides availability, etc.).

  • We recommend travelers to be in Iquitos at least one day before the commencement of your expedition and minimum one full day after the end.

  • We Highly recommend packing a light rucksack of 10 kilos maximum for this expedition.

  • Travelers will be provided with an additional 5 kilos of gear approx. (tactical tents, blankets, rubber boots, rain ponchos, machetes, and personal eating utensils).

  • Travelers are required to bring (1) personal rucksack, (1) personal hydration bladder, and (1) personal inflatable sleeping mat for this expedition.

  • The daily navigation of our motorboats deep into this Reserve could normally take up to 5hrs. per day to successfully explore the wildlife of its ecosystem.

  • All activities are subject to change due to weather conditions at any time of the year. Main Rivers and tributary levels may vary and thus navigation times and excursions may need to be modified by your Guide’s discretion, this will not alter our motivation to make this trip the best as possible.






⬜ DAY 0

  • Private Transportation from Iquitos Airport to Hotel.



⬜ DAY 1

08:00 Private transportation from Iquitos to Nauta City.
10:00 Arrival at Nauta city, followed by a tour of the city.
12:00 Departure upstream boating on the Marañon River into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (50 miles SW / approximately 3 hours and a half from Nauta).

  • Navigation towards the Dorado, search, and observation of wildlife during the route.

14:00 Lunch will be served on board.
18:00 Arrival to the community of Buenos Aires.

  • A small tour of the community, followed by a nocturnal trek through the jungle in search of reptiles, monkeys, and nocturnal birds.

  • Dinner is served.

  • Assembly of camping equipment.


⬜ DAY 2
05:30 Bird watching.
08:30 Breakfast is served.
09:30 Navigation upstream.
11:00 Arrival to the Arequipa Village.

  • Tour around Arequipa Village.

  • Search for pink dolphins with the option of bathing and swimming with them.

13:00 Return to the Arequipa Village for lunch.

  • Piranhas fishing and other fish species.

18:00 Navigation to the indigenous community of Yarina, during this night expedition, we will be able to observe crocodiles and other aquatic species. Meals during the trip will be served.


⬜ DAY 3
05:30 Upstream navigation for observation of monkeys, toucans, and lazy bears, breakfast will be served on board.
11:00 Arrival to Tambo German Watching post.

  • Short and medium walk through the primary forest.

  • Identification of medicinal plants.

  • Water drinking from forest vines "soga de agua"

  • Search for the giant tree "Lupuna".

  • Excursion in search of primates.

  • Identification of tracks and traces of animals.

  • Night navigation in search of caimans and other species.

  • Return to Tambo German to set up camping equipment. 


⬜ DAY 4
06:00 Breakfast will be served.
07:00 Upstream navigation in search of river wolves and otters.
13:00 Arrival to Baradero de Achon.
13:30 Lunch will be served.

  • Boating in search of wild animals.

17:30 Rest.
19:00 Dinner will be served.

  • Night Exploration.

  • Assembly of camping equipment. 


⬜ DAY 6-9
06:00 Breakfast is served.
08:00 Canoeing, at this moment we will begin an adventure oar deep in EL DORADO, enjoying navigation through the waters of El Dorado Lagoon, we will go in search of the biggest aquatic lilies of the world (Victoria Regia).

These next four days we will continue navigating to carry out the following exploration activities:

Basic survival classes in the jungle such as:
   * Search for drinking water from the vineyards of the forest "Water Ropes".
   * Identification of fruits, vegetables, and edible insects.
   * Construction of traps for rodents.
   * Ways to catch snakes and caimans.
   * Artesanal fishing.
   * Obtaining fire by natural and artificial means.
   * Construction of shelters.
   * Construction of craft rafts to escape from the jungle.


  • Bird watching and appreciation of the sounds of the fauna.

  • Walks through the primary jungle in search of wildlife.

  • Night explorations in search of tarantulas and other insects.

  • Identification of medicinal plants and timber trees.

  • Search for the giant tree, the largest in the jungle "Lupuna".

  • Identification of footprints and animal tracks. 

  • Observation and search for butterflies.

  • Balancing on hanging vines like Tarzan.

  • Night exploration boating.


⬜ DAY 10-12
06:00 Breakfast is served.

  • Relaxing navigation in return to Nauta city will continue.

  • Easy ride back with several short stops for photography of the area (fauna/flora and indigenous communities)

15:00-16:00 Arrival to Nauta city.

  • Private transportation back to Iquitos City. 

17:00-18:00 Arrival to Iquitos.

  • Transfer to the hotel and airport.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Airport Transportation | Fluvial Transportation | Government Permits to Native Communities | Economic Support to Villages | All Meals During Expedition | Purified Water | Survival Lead Guide | Survival Assistant Guides | Emergency First Aid Kit With Anti-Ophidic Serum | Exploratory Gear (Tents, Sleeping Mats, Blankets, Rubber Boots, Rain Ponchos, and Personal Eating Utensils).


WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: Airfare to and from Iquitos | Personal Travel Insurance Hotel in Iquitos.