Rapé, is a ground preparation of plants that have a millenarian origin. In many of them the main plant is tobacco, but in others, such as the Rapé prepared by the natives of Rio Branco in Acre (Brazil), this plant is not used.

Precisely from Acre, the place with the greatest tradition and variety of Rapé in the world is where the ones we use in our retreats comes from.

The way to apply it is blowing through both nostrils through a projector that is a wooden tube in which one part goes in your nose and the other is where the facilitator blows you from.

As Facilitators It is very important to know how to blow the Rapé to participants, doing it with love, and care, to bring peace to your mind and your body and NOT to silence the voice of the ego with violence but with the intention of settling in the peace that allows you not to fight with that voice and to ignore it without giving it credit so that the sweet voice of the Heart may come out.

Rapé is not snorted because it does not make the same route in the brain or reaches the pineal gland in that way, therefore it is essential to have an experienced Facilitator doing it for you. If phlegm comes out, it is best to spit it out and if the Rapé falls through your nose you should only pass the handkerchief gently and without blowing your nose until ten minutes have passed and the medicine has done its cleaning work.

The effect of Rapé is total relaxation and stillness of thought. It does not produce visions or expands consciousness but it releases the Silence inside you, drawing a smile of serenity on your face.

It goes through the whole body with a tingling numbness and distending the useless tensions that sometimes automatically keeps our body the fruit of living in a false state of alarm constantly prepared to react to the "danger". With Rapé, the body loosens all its tensions and remains in an optimal state to meditate, which is why this tool has become the gateway for many meditators to their inner world.

On the other hand at a physical level clears the entire respiratory system and is ideal in cases of sinusitis, rhinitis, congestion, etc. because, among other things, it purifies the nasal cavities of all the air pollution retained in particles that accumulate.

It is also indicated in cases of a headache disappearing pain instantly. Therefore it is indicated to apply it after long days of mental work to clear the mind.

Balances the masculine and feminine side reaching the person a state of internal harmony that connects him with his sweetest and lightest feeling, so it is ideal to reflect and even continue working before a break due to mental or emotional overload.

The Rapé should be taken in both nostrils. Each of the cavities represents an energy stream of the body:

Right side:
The channel of the Sun (emitter - yang). It would empower the rational mind, which allows learning and obtaining the necessary strength to overcome problems through effort. It is the masculine side. The typical problems on the right side are selfish or violent behavior, arrogance, and pride.

The left side:
The channel of the Moon (receiver - yin). It gives the power of emotions in their pure state, providing the qualities of deep joy, pure love, compassion, and artistic abilities. This side is the feminine. The typical problems on the left side are an emotional attachment, depression, low self-esteem, guilt or lethargy.

The person who is going to take Rapé for the first time should know this. The person who does not receive Rapé more than on one side ends up entering a process that is even stronger than usual and this is due to the fact that he does not deliver himself correctly to the healing process and rejects Medicine, which rejection is towards himself and to the spirit of the Rapé.

Psychologically the Rapé treats fears of the person. A strong application can lead the subject to experience their own shadow and access their darkest fears. Innumerable experiences demonstrate its effectiveness to treat depressions, obsessive fears, insomnia and anxiety among others.

There are many people who have abandoned the habit of smoking after starting to take Rapé.

Other Properties

  • Helps to expel mucus and parasites from the frontal and nasal sinuses.

  • It helps to clear the mind and stop the internal dialogue.

  • Scar healer and antibiotic applied to wounds.

  • Decompress the pressure of the skull.

  • Deworm and clean the intestines.

  • Eliminates headaches, dullness and stunning.

  • It expels excess phlegm.

  • It promotes intestinal peristaltic movement.

  • It makes you understand on a conscious level what meditation is.

  • Cleans a quantity of accumulated dirt for years that generate problems such as sinusitis and migraines.

  • Clean, order and align your energy fields, especially the chakras of the third eye and crown, and from there up and down the spine.

  • Medicine for the vision of the spirit.

  • It allows you to reach a very deep state of meditation.

  • Allow being present to be able to see beyond your interpretations.

It is also very effective in dealing with problems of the respiratory and digestive system. Many people cure their sinusitis and rhinitis with this medicine, which also immunizes against diseases of the respiratory system. It is also very powerful to treat the digestive system.

Energetically it is a direct way of dealing with fears, anxieties and other energies connected to the solar plexus, causing the person to vomit, thus eliminating the dense energies accumulated there. It is also a powerful analgesic, eliminating headaches and body aches. It is also relaxing and antipyretic.

Recommendations for those who make therapeutic/spiritual use of Rapé

The Rapé is a Medicine, a powerful spirit of the forest that should be treated as such. It is a very strong medicine that can bring different states depending on its use.

Rapé is not taken at any time. For those who study it, it is recommended to take it in the morning, fasting, at the end of the afternoon, after work and at night, before going to sleep, to bring good dreams and have a quiet night. In sessions, it can be taken several times depending on the need.

The information stated on this page and many others on the benefits of alternative natural ancestral medicines have not been and will never be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, simply because they will never be favored. Therefore, this method of assisted personal self-healing will also not be officially considered to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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