The main purpose of this amazon educational survival journey, is to educate our young visitors worldwide on how people from this side of the world survive from an extensive and resourceful jungle. The trip will consist on a quite challenging, intense and relaxing Amazon Crossing trip centered on a short simulation of the rediscovery of multiple explored areas rich in fauna and flora, as well as in the observation and discussion of different cultural issues and needs within their Indigenous inhabitants, the demonstration of some of their ancestral spiritual healing beliefs of great importance that help them maintain a close and hormonic relationship with nature, and their utilization of a large variety of medicinal plants to maintain their existence in such of complex territory. The place where our young students /scouts will explore, it will allow them to receive a more direct and realistic feeling, by living their own experience in a real life scenario about a lifestyle seen from different perspectives.



Duration: 7 Days, 6 Nights

Destination: Tamshiaco Tahuayo Regional Conservation Area.

"Amazon Rainforest" 


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Visitors will also receive a strong dose of general history of the main Amazonian port of entry "Iquitos", and the negative impact left by some groups of foreign past civilizations, from conquerors, discoverers, fortune-seeking merchants and others. All this has caused many changes to both, an intact Amazonian ecosystem, and to the survival needs of their indigenous inhabitants due to the exploitation of their natural resources over the years.


This trip will definitely provide to our young participants with the opportunity to learn from other cultures, appreciate the enjoyment of nature and how good it is to disconnect from all once in a while, hoping that the experience aid them to open their minds into a comprehensive base on how to develop their knowledge for future professional career paths they decide to choose.

In addition to learning about various revealed and undisclosed investigations of the biodiversity of the Amazon, by conducting a journey to such of remote Amazon communities, everyone will be contributing to the preservation and survival needs of its natural environment and indigenous around, all this with the assistance and sponsorship of the Amazon Expeditioners Survival Team and their great support to the Amazonian ecosystem, and as a positive contributor and promoter of the "SERNANP" "(National System of Protected Natural Areas) and" DIRCETUR "(Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism).