Updated January 7th, 2022- Vaccinations mandatory to enter enclosed spaces.

  • All people over the age of 18 must present proof of double vaccination, or a negative molecular test (results no longer than 72 hours old) when traveling between provinces.

  • Proof of vaccination is required by everyone over the age of 18 in order to enter enclosed spaces, including restaurants, museums, and more. The vaccination certificate can be physical or virtual.

  • Travelers who have been fully vaccinated 14 days or more (at the point of departure) before their entry to Peru are no longer required to present a negative PCR test upon entry to the country. Instead, they must present evidence of vaccination. If you have been vaccinated less than 14 days at the time of your departure you will still need to present a negative PCR test.

  • Travelers over the age of 12 who are not vaccinated are required to present a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before arrival to the country.

  • Those who present symptoms on arrival to Peru must complete a mandatory 14 day quarantine.

  • The sworn health affidavit is still required before entering the country. Find out how to fill it in here.

  • Travelers under the age of 12 do not need to provide a negative PCR test, but instead a medical certificate of good health.

  • Travelers who have tested positive for COVID19 in the past 3 months may present evidence of medical discharge in lieu of a negative PCR test.

  • Travelers from Brazil and India are permitted entry to Peru once again.

  • Travelers from South Africa and the Republic of Botswana are not permitted entry to Peru. This includes anyone who has spent time in either country over the previous 14 days.

  • KN95 masks are required throughout the country. Failing this, a surgical mask coupled with a cloth mask will suffice.

  • Machu Picchu is once again operating at 100% capacity.

  • Britain has removed Peru from the red list, allowing British travelers to enter and return home freely.

  • Land borders remain closed with Chile, Bolivia, and Ecuador.


There has been a categorization of provinces with curfew hours, listed below:

Alert Levels

Moderate Alert Level: Curfew from 2 am to 4 am


Regions affected: All except those listed below

High Alert Level: Curfew from 11 pm to 4 am

Regions affected: Amazonas (Bagua, Chachapoyas), Áncash (Santa), Cajamarca (Cajamarca, Jaén), Cusco (Cusco), Ica (Ica, Pisco), Junín (Huancayo, Satipo), La Libertad (Trujillo, Pacasmayo), Lambayeque (Chiclayo), Lima (Lima, Huaura), Moquegua (Mariscal Nieto, Ilo), Piura (Piura, Sullana, Sechura, Talara), Puno (Puno), Tacna (Tacna), Tumbes (Tumbes), Callao.





Where to Get a COVID Test in Lima

Nearby Attractions:

Paracas, Huacachina, Huaraz, Northern Peru, Jorge Chavez International Airport.

Lima is the lifeblood of Peru. It’s where international flights leave and arrive, so it makes perfect sense to be the place where you take the final COVID test in Peru. Whether you have just 24 hours or a few days to relax. Book your COVID test a few days in advance just to secure your place at the testing facility.


Suiza Lab Miraflores 

  • Address: Av. Angamos Oeste 300

  • Opening Times: Monday-Saturday 7am – 6pm. Sunday 7am – 1pm.

  • Phone Number: 612-6666 / 640-6666

  • Price of PCR test in the clinic: 260 s/ (roughly $70USD)

  • Results in: 12 – 24 hours

  • Price of Antigen test in the clinic: 130 s/ (roughly $35USD)

  • Results in: 6 hours

Where to Get a COVID Test in Iquitos

Nearby Attractions:

Amazon Rainforest of Peru, Loreto Region, Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport.

Iquitos the only city in Peru surrounded by water, called by locals as Isla Bonita (Beautiful Island), where the best and the largest entry into the lungs of the planet from Peru is located. 


Clínica Selva Amazónica –

  • Address: Urb. Jardin #27

  • Opening Times: 24 Hours

  • Phone Number: (+51) 065-242097

  • Price of Antigen test in the clinic: 90s/ (roughly $23USD)

  • Results in: 2 hours

Where to Get a COVID Test in Cusco

Nearby Attractions:

Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Rainbow Mountain.

If Lima is the blood of Peru, Cusco is the heart. It’s where most travelers identify as ‘Peru’, and it is helped with the strong bonds the city and surrounding areas still have with the culture of the Incas.

Cusco is likely where you will spend most of your time in Peru, and so it may well be where you will get your COVID test done in Peru. There are very few clinics in the historical center of Cusco, so you may have to venture into the more metropolitan area, around 10 or 15 minutes in a taxi.


Clínica Peruano Suiza –

  • Address: Av. Perú k3, Urb. Quispicanchis, Cusco

  • Opening Times: 24 hours

  • Phone Number: +51 84237168

  • Price of PCR test in the clinic: S/550 (Roughly $147 USD)

  • Results in: Within 24 hours

  • Price of PCR test in your hotel/hostel: S/640

  • Results in: Within 24 hours

  • Price of Antigen test in the clinic: S/120

  • Results in: Within 4 hours

  • Price of Antigen test in your hotel/hostel: S/120

  • Results in: Within 4 hours