THE BLACK JAGUAR JRC, is the most ideal, humbling and safest jungle retreat spot built in the middle of the amazon for everyone seeking for a complete disconnection from civilization. A quiet, peaceful and isolated place away from the whole entire world, due to the remoteness, and pure wilderness of its surrounding environment. This is also a place for those travelers wanting to reconnect with their inner-selves assisted by nature. It is the perfect place for meditation, writing a book, resting, for a get away with your significant other, friends or both, and also for those jungle lovers who have always dreamed of escaping to one of the most enigmatic places on earth, in the depths of the Amazon jungle.


Hidden within four hectares of private property, land owned and protected by AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, geographically located in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, right in the head banks of the Tahuayo River, Loreto Region and inside the Tamshiyaco-Tahuayo Communal and Regional Conservation Area. 


THE BLACK JAGUAR JRC offers a unique insight into the secretive life of Amazonia, with One Observation Tower (15 m height) for wildlife viewing, Two Built in Tower Cabins at tree level (10 m height) made to accommodate 1-2 visitors, and Four Private Jungle Cabins (2 m height) to accommodate 1-4 visitors, all with private bathrooms, limited accommodations and dining services to support a maximum of 18 eco-friendly travelers very comfortably in one single visit.


THE BLACK JAGUAR JRC, has numerous eco design features built in to ensure zero waste, zero chemicals, a zero energy spreadsheet and maximum wildlife conservation. Staying at the camp supports the fauna and flora preservation, and the medical and educational assistance of the local indigenous villages near by, such as "The Jerusalem and The Haldar Villages".  THE BLACK JAGUAR JRC, home of AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS is a birdwatchers paradise, with ongoing projects in and around camp with the intentions of attracting the inhabitants of many Amazonian species freely within its ecosystem. 

With a good number of qualified local native guides, there are more than 30km of forest trails to explore through the primary jungle, the crossing navigation of 5-6 rivers of fresh-water for about 120km, swamp forests, and not to mention the visits to several indigenous communities from arrival to departure along its exploration route.  Visiting THE BLACK JAGUAR JRC for your next genuine retreat into the depths of the Amazon rainforest, either for an adventure type trip, or simply to stay overnight and relax on one of our Cabins in the middle of nowhere, absorbing the smells, sights, and sounds of its remote and almost untouched amazon jungle, is truly an experience that one has to live at least once in a life time.


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