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Jungle Survival School and Guest House  

NATIVUZ by AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS is our Private and Remote Jungle Survival School / Guest House, built in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, not just for our team's survival training activities, but also for anyone seeking a jungle stay in complete disconnection from civilization. NATIVUZ is a quiet, safe, and peaceful place away from the whole entire world, due to the remoteness, and pure wilderness of its surrounding environment. it is also a place for those travelers looking for isolation, no tourist traffic, and for those wanting to reconnect with their inner selves assisted by nature. It is the perfect destination for meditation, writing a book, resting, looking for a getaway with a significant other, friends, or both, and also for those jungle lovers who have always dreamed of escaping to one of the most enigmatic places on earth, such as the depths of the Amazon jungle.


Hidden within four hectares of private property, land owned by AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS, is geographically located in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, right in the head banks of the Tahuayo River, Loreto Region, and near the Tamshiyaco-Tahuayo Regional and Communal Conservation Area.


NATIVUZ offers a unique insight into the secretive life of Amazonia, with only Four Private Cabins 2 meters in height from the ground built to accommodate from 1 to 4 visitors each comfortably, all with private bathrooms, and a river view. NATIVUZ also offers its guests within its roof an interesting 100 meters long of Bridge Museum with Amazonian History, One Jungle Route that shows a wide range of Local Amazonian Medicinal Plants, including One Cabin Spa for Cleansing with Medicinal Plants using a Vapor Sauna and dining services to cater to a maximum of 12 travelers per day very comfortably and privately.  


NATIVUZ has a natural eco-friendly design feature, built in to ensure maximum wildlife conservation. Staying at the camp supports the fauna and flora preservation, and the medical, educational, and transportation assistance of the local indigenous villages nearby, such as "The Jerusalem and The Haldar Villages", with a total jungle area that covers 4,200.8 km2 (420,080.25 ha, 1'038, 040.9 acres, 1,621.94 square miles) to be explored, the crossing navigation of multiple rivers, swamp forests, and several indigenous communities along its exploration route.


Stopping by NATIVUZ even for one or many nights on your next journey, either for an adventure purpose, an educational jungle retreat with Amazonian Master Plants and other medicinal plants of popular use in the Peruvian Amazon, or to just simply overnight and relax on one of our remote and private Jungle Cabins in the middle of nowhere, absorbing the smells, sights, and sounds of its remote and almost untouched jungle, it is truly an experience that one has to live at least once in a lifetime.


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