STAFF SIZE REQUIRED: 4-6 Members Approx.



DESTINATION: Tamshiyacu - Tahuayo RCCA.

LOCATION: Amazon Rainforest - Loreto Region.


ACCOMMODATION: Mosquito Nets/Hammocks/Tree Platforms


MAIN OBJECTIVE: Learn How to Adapt and Survive in a Complex Amazon Jungle Utilizing Basic and Advanced Indigenous Survival Techniques.


AVAILABLE MONTHS: June - November.



PAYMENT METHODS: All Major Credit Cards.


DEPARTURE DAYS: Any Day Of The Week.


Regardless of how long you are requesting for this journey to last, It is very important for every traveler to know that when all Amazonian indigenous person has the needs to isolate themselves from their families and villages in order to stock up on supplies for their continuous subsistence, either for the short or long term, through activities such us fishing, hunting, cultivation and harvesting of the same, the first thing they do is to carry out a "Pre-Isolation Personal Prep Phase", and that is exactly what we will genuinely do before each Amazon Survival escape. We advise to keep in mind that this phase could take up to a week long sometimes, and longer for beginners.


This particular Prep Phase is simply based on the elaboration and construction of different ancestral instruments between weapons and utensils with materials obtained from the jungle, and it goes the same when it comes to the collection and preparation of certain foods suitable to withstand long trips and high temperatures, and finally without avoiding mentioning, the performance of certain shamanic rituals in order to obtain a personal protection both physical and spiritual for each traveler.


These rituals or ceremonies vary according to the beliefs of each Amazonian ethnic group. All this is of great importance for locals before immersing themselves in a journey that can lead to fatal risks without prior and good preparation.


Our team of native instructors, will be in charge of meticulously teaching each participant in transit the most they can, and taking into account the amount of days available on schedule, many of these basic knowledge essentially needed before and during our fascinating journey in the depth of the Amazon rainforest, all demonstrated on our 3 Amazon Survival Phases; our "Pre-Isolation Prep-Phase", "Jungle Training Phase", and "Jungle Isolation Phase".


Depending on the amount of days on schedule, the jungle territory we are exploring, and the season of the year, the order and days invested in each phase will vary.



  • Booking in Advance is Highly Recommended; for the collection of personal information, to request authorization of entry to indigenous territories at all levels (national, regional, and communal authorities), logistic preparation, personnel assignment, etc.

  • Arrival and Departure recommendation to/from Iquitos; 1 day before and 1 day after your trip.

  • Rucksack size/weight recommendation; 65 liters and 10 kilos.

  • For full packing list details visit our What to Pack page.

  • This training evolution is only open to highly motivated participants with strong adaptation capabilities and who are in good physical and mental condition, as they will be responsible for carrying their own equipment on each exploration hike through the primary jungle, as well as to go far and beyond for their own survival needs.

  • Weather conditions will not be an obstacle for the completion of our survival program.  


WHAT IS INCLUDED: Airport Pick Up/Drop Off Transportation | Fluvial Transportation | Entry Permits to Indigenous Territory | Economic Support to Villages | Meals (50% Supplied and 50% Obtained from Nature) | Purified Water | Survival Lead Guide | Survival Assistant Guides | Wilderness First Aid Kit | Essential Gear Provided By Amazon Expeditioners See Our  What to Pack page.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: Airfare to and from Iquitos | Personal Travel Insurance Hotel in Iquitos.