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Amazon Expeditioners, is an active and expert team of native local guides, specialized in 

jungle expeditions, survival,  and shamanism retreats in the Amazon Rainforest of the Peru.






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2 People: 880.00 USD per person

3 - 4 People: 840.00 USD per person

5 + People: 780.00 USD per person 




Exploration Areas: Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Regional Conservation Area "Amazon Rainforest".

Duration: 8 Days, 7 Nights.

Main Activities: Fauna and Flora Exploration.

Other Activities: Canoeing, Fishing, Photography, Documentary, etc.


Anticipated Booking Time: 2 Weeks For Best Availability.

For Booking with Little Anticipation: Contact Us Immediately Via Whats App. + 51 999 116 499.

Booking Required Payment: 50% to Secure Reservation.

Payment Method: We Accept All Major Credit Cards by Clicking on the "BOOK NOW" Button.

50% Remaining Payment: Pay on Arrival.

Departure Days: Any Day of The Week.

The Amazon Crossing Expedition 8D/7N, and each additional day added along this extensive route will only make it more promising and interesting than ever, increasing the number of dense jungle trails to cross, numerous rivers and lagoons to explore in and around the ecosystem of the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Regional Conservation Area, will greatly and patiently favor encounters with wildlife. We'll have the chance to stop and interact with few indigenous villages of the Amazon basins, enjoy the navigation and exploration of an additional river "Río Blanco", as well as the conduction of all our usual jungle activities characteristic of this type of expeditions (jungle hikes, canoe trips,  jungle survival, camping, fauna and flora exploration, etc., all this with a total crossing of 6 rivers including the the Mighty Amazon River at the end.


  • BOOKING IN ADVANCED IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (for collection of personal information, government access permits to protected areas, transportation arrangements, assignment of the exploration team, English Speaking Guides availability, and all logistics support needed).

  • Be advised that you are booking a PRIVATE TRIP on this page, and since this trip belongs to you and your group only, we'll be open for adjustments as far as the start and ending time of your trip. This way we can make travel easier for you or group based on your flight schedule.

  • Ensure to have sufficient time in Iquitos, in order to successfully execute the selected expedition.

  • We highly recommend bringing an exploratory backpack of 10 kilos maximum per participant.

  • Be advised that each participant will be provided with the following additional gear (jungle boots, raincoats, sleeping mats, and tents) 5 kilos approx.

  • Most of our exploration hiking trails through the jungle on this particular crossing route, it will require for each person to carry their own personal equipment, and to maximize your experience, be at the least in a decent physical condition to perform our long lasting exploratory hikes.

  • Now, remember what plays in your favor, and don't be disappointed! This trip belongs to you and your group only; we will always go at your pace.

  • All activities are subject to change due to weather conditions at any time of the year. Main Rivers and tributary levels may vary and thus navigation times and excursions may need to be modified at the guide’s discretion, this will not alter our motivation to make this trip the best as possible.




In this particular exploration route, when the water level of the Tahuayo River is at an average height, the navigation access upstream will open, and will give visitors an additional advantage option in reaching a high  jungle terrain in small typical wooden canoes, exploration that will last 2 days total going and returning, and will allow us to enjoy a view of  "Collpas" of macaws, parrots and mammals. The word collpa derives from the "Quechua" Inca dialect, which means salt earth, where all kinds of animals come to these places to lick and feed on the minerals of their land. These 2 days trip are meant to replace Day 2 and Day 3 from the original program and are totally (Optional) to the already established itinerary, and it'll be available only for itineraries of 5 Days or more.

DAY 1  

08:00 Private transportation from airport or hotel to Iquitos-Nauta Express Road.

10:30 Arrival to Nauta City.
11:00 Nauta brief City Tour.
12:00 River Navigation downstream on the Maranon River in Route to the jungle.

  • Lunch on board.


What To Experience On Your River Navigation:

  • Pass and stop for instructional orientation right in the encounter of (3) Major Rivers, The Maranon River, The Ucayali River, and The Amazon River. IT IS AT THIS POINT WHERE IT IS KNOWN AS THE BEGINNING OF THE AMAZON RIVER, WHICH IT ENDS DISCHARGING ITS WATERS IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN.

  • Navigation continues upstream through The Ucayali River.

  • Navigation changes its course to enter The Yarapa River.

  • Observation of fauna and flora (pink and grey river dolphins and a variety of birds).


15:00 Arrival to Haldar Village.  

  • Hydration and arrangement of gear before  30-45 minutes jungle hike to Jerusalem Village.



  • During The Flooded Season 30 - 45 mins hike from Haldar Village to Jerusalem Village, and 

  • During The Dry Season an additional 1.5 hrs of small motorboat transfer from Ramon Castilla Village to reach Haldar Village, to later continue with the 30 - 45 mins hike to Jerusalem Village.


16:00 to 18:00 Arrival to Jerusalem Village.

  • Drop-off gear and meet with local Villagers.

  • Short canoeing trip on the Tahuayo River to finally reach our Jungle Retreat Camp, where visitors on this particular route will spend their first arrival night comfortably.

  • Tubing to our Jungle Retreat Camp will be also optional in case visitors would like to reach Camp in a different adventure way.

  • Cabin accommodation assignments.

  • Swimming in the Tahuayo River upon arrival (optional).

  • Hand paddling trip in typical wooden canoes to place fish traps.  

18:00 to 20:00 Dinner will be shared with the exploration team.

  • Free time (resting, walk around camp, night fishing on site, etc.).

21:00 Night exploration trip in search of nocturnal animals (insects, rodents, reptiles, etc.).


(Overnight at the AE Jungle Retreat Camp).




05:00 Early canoe excursion upstream for appreciation of wildlife, check fish traps and early group fishing trip.

08:00 Back to Camp to start a group preparation of breakfast. 

  • During this early cooking preparation activity participants will learn how to fix their own personal fish portions.

  • Breakfast will be shared with the exploration team once ready. 

  • Jungle hike will start to spend the whole entire day and night Inside the Jungle in direct connection with the wild.


The Following  jungle Activities will be Performed:

  • Search for drinking water from the vineyards of the forest for hydration purposes.

  • Identification and collection of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and insects act for human consumption.

  • Lunch grouping preparation starts: This particular meal will be cooked utilizing all edible resources collected and obtained from jungle excursions and during the early fishing trip.

  • Construction of personal shelters to overnight in the middle of the jungle.

  • Construction of rodent and bird traps.

  • Construction of floating devices to escape from the jungle.

  • Dinner will be served of what was obtained during the day.

  • Night jungle exploration in search of nocturnal animals.

  • Overnight in personal handmade shelters (optional), camping tents will be also available by request.


04:30 Wake up early to pack and return to the Eco Camp.

05:00 Return to Base Camp, quick fruit snacks and hydration before heading to the river.

05:30 The canoe exploration trip will start from this point on the Tahuayo River, and will basically consist of the observation of fauna and flora, avoiding the use of motor boats rowing wooden canoes in the way that we do not frighten our possible I encounter wildlife.

- At the same time, the guides will teach visitors how to maneuver the typical Amazonian wooden canoes, not only downstream, but also upstream to return to the camp for our well-deserved breakfast.


08:00 Breakfast will be served.

09:00 An ethnobotanical exploration walk will take place inside the primary jungle; During these 3 hours. Visitors will be doing the following:

- Identification of the ayahuasca medicinal plant together with other Amazonian plants and fruits.

- Identification of any living creature along our paths.

- Search for "Giant Trees", the largest in the Amazon rainforest, and more.

13:00 Lunch will be served at the Eco Camp.

- A quick visit to the village of Jerusalem to say goodbye.

- Group photo with the women and mothers of the community.

- Purchase of handicrafts for local support (optional).


14:00 Departure to the next exploration area of ​​the jungle "Amancio". Motor boat 1.5 h approx.

15:30 Arrival to "Amancio" exploration area.

- Installation of tents.

  • Wildlife exploration walk in search of primates and other diurnal animals.

  • Return to the camping area.

  • Fire start-up and food cooking.

18:00 Dinner served.

19:00 Exploration walk in search of nocturnal animals.


(Overnight in Camping Tents)




05:00 Early boat trip for wildlife observation.

08:00 Breakfast will be served.

  • Exploratory hike will take place to the high terrain areas of Amancio in search of "Poison Dart Frogs"

12:00 Lunch will be served

13:00 Departure to Tangarana jungle area, about (2hrs) of river navigation.

15:00 Arrival to Tangarana camping site, camp set up will follow.

15:30 Hydration and fruit snacks before the following; 

  • (2 hrs.) hike to a remote Creek for observation of wildlife "On Dry Season", during hike excursion visitors will have the opportunity to see (caimans, macaws, monkeys, the prehistoric bird hoatzin "Opisthocomus Hoazin" and other Amazonian species)

  • (2hrs.) hike deep inside the primary jungle "On Flooded Season" in search of wildlife (tapirs, peccaries, capybaras, monkeys, reptiles, birds and more) 

18:30 Back to Camping Site.

20:00 Dinner will be served.

21:00 Boat night exploration in search of alligators and other nocturnal creatures (alligators catch and release will be performed if small alligators are found)


(Overnight in Camping Tents)




05:00 Morning boat navigation to observe wildlife, followed by a short fishing trip (optional)

08:00 Breakfast will be served 

10:00 Navigation will begin through the Tahuayo River (1-2 hrs.) in route to "Bufeo Creek".

  • Exploration of Bufeo Creek will follow in search of different types of wildlife and fishing activity.


12:00 Navigation will continue in route to next Camping area

  • Camping Tents set up.

  • Preparation of Lunch will follow

14:00 Jungle hike in search of "Redondo Creek" will take place

  • Exploration of the area in search for primates, herons, hoatzin (prehistoric bird), and other species.

18:00 Dinner will be served

19:00 Boat night exploration in search of alligators and other nocturnal creatures (alligators catch and release will be performed if small alligators are found) 

(Overnight in Camping Tents)



05:00 Morning boat navigation in search on primates and three toe sloths, followed by a short fishing trip (optional)

08:00 Breakfast will be served 

09:00 Navigation will begin in route to our next exploratory area

10:00 Arrival to our exploratory area, analyzing the territory, and spend the rest of the day exploring its primary jungle.

  • Searching of best camping spot.

  • Preparation of meals.

  • Set up Traps.

  • Canoe explorations along the banks  of the river in search of some giant birds like the (Anhima cornuta) best know by locals as "Camungo"

  • Jungle hike to explore remote lagoon called "Tabano" , search for some "Otorongo" tracks and observation of prehistoric birds (The Opisthocomus Hoazin or Hoatzin) known by locals as "Shamsho".

  • Night excursion for caimans.


(Camping near Tábano Lagoon)


05:00 Early bird watching walk around Tabano Lagoon.

  • Fishing Trip (optional).

  • Breakfast will be served. 

09:00 River Navigation will continue on the Tahuayo River and change course to the right into "Blanco River".

11:00 Arrival to new camping area.

  • Camp set up.

  • Hike into the primary jungle to explore the area.

13:00 Lunch will be cooked and served.

*For the rest of this day the exploration team will carry on exploring the Blanco River Ecosystem in the search of more fauna and flora encounters.


(Camping will be performed at the banks of Blanco River).


05:00 Early wildlife exploration around Blanco River .

  • Fishing Trip (optional)

  • Breakfast will be served 

09:00 River navigation to Chino Village

  • Right at Chino Village, we will stop to visit and have Lunch with a local family, and the exploration of its surrounding jungle. 

13:00 Navigation will continue through the Tahuayo River in route to Tamshiyacu Town, across the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve.


  • During these relaxing 2 hours of river navigation, participants will enjoy a unique, adventurous and fascinating escape in search of the Amazon River, this long river navigation ride will increase the opportunities to appreciate more fauna and flora, pass by Buena Esperanza, Santa Cruz, and Huaysi Villages, to then get the final amazing experience of meeting once again just like Day 1, the Mighty Amazon River, from this point on we will be finally crossing one of the greatest wonders of the world.  

  • We recommend our visitors to be alert right in this particular area where the two rivers meet to look for the friendly and playful "Pink and Gray River Dolphins"​


14:00-15:00 Arrival at Tamshiyacu Town

14:30-15:00 Speedboat trip back to Iquitos City

  • During this 1-hour navigation by speedboat, the participants will enjoy another pleasant trip to finish crossing the Amazon River.


16:00-17:00 Arrival to Iquitos river port, and transfer to the hotel/airport (End of the Journey)




Frequently Asked Questions:



  • Airport Transportation.

  • Fluvial Transportation.

  • Villages Access and Personnel Support Fees.

  • Jungle Accommodations:

1st Night at the AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS "Jungle Retreat Camp",

and the Rest of the Nights in Camping Tents Across the Jungle.

  • Private Cook During Expedition.

  • All Meals During Expedition: 

(Vegetarian, Vegan, etc. All Upon Request).

  • Purified Water.

  • AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS Translator Guide (English/Spanish).

  • Native Local Assistant Guide.

  • First Aid Kit.

  • Camping Equipment. 



  • Airplane Tickets.

  • Personal Travel Insurance.

  • Local Hotel in Iquitos.


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