Our mission; is to provide the best jungle exploration experience, through the organization of private expeditions, and organized shared expeditions, both with a receptive travel service to the Amazon jungle of Peru, based above all in the fulfillment of the travel objectives of our visitors, with special attention to detail, professional courtesy and the very high practice of health and safety in everything we do.

Our focus; is the practice of what many travelers know as Eco-Tourism, Experiential-Tourism and/or Adventure-Tourism, providing everything that a genuine "Jungle Expedition and Survival Trip" to remote areas in the Amazon are meant to posses, all away and disconnected of our civilization, pre-scanning responsible and sustainable tourism initiatives with locals and visitors; by helping, guiding, instructing and constantly guarding for the protection of the environment.


Our team; is made of a group of native healers, and expert Amazon jungle survival guides from all different parts of the region, specializing to undertake different ancestral Amazonian shamanic healing practices, and Amazon jungle survival expeditions. Our determination is to showing visitors from beginning to end on how to live an adventurous jungle experience, responsibly and safely, all while exploring the depths of remote jungle.


Our vision; it is established not only with the intentions of enjoying of what this magnificent and exuberant Amazonia provides, but also with the purpose of contributing to it and with its existing inhabitants who are the key to protect and preserve its beautiful ecosystem.


Our commitment; is to provide to each community we transit through, with an economic and moral support with employment opportunities such us the hiring of (local assistant guides, cooks, motorboat operators, porters, etc.), who are also the support key to us, our successful team on every executed expedition.


Christian Del Cuadro.jpeg

Jungle Survival Guide & Chief Instructor

US Marine Veteran - Expert in Jungle Survival - Jungle Expeditioner, Coordinator, Guide, and Instructor - Founder of AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS - Born in Chicago, Illinois - Raised between Peru and United States - Amazonian Origins - Languages "Spanish and English".

In 2014, Christian honorably retired from the Marine Corps, moved to Iquitos - Peru, and in no time began his long journey exploring the depths of the Amazon rainforest with his father, friend, and fellow expeditioner "Enrique". Drawn by the unknown, his journey initial paths was in search of indigenous medicine to help him heal from injuries caused during his military life. "I couldn't ask for a better guide, my father knew his neighborhood very well, this beautiful monster called the Amazon."


After deeply falling in love with the biodiversity of many Amazonian territories, Christian decided to focus his vision of becoming a full time ambassador of his native region and ancestors, by providing the same quality amazon experiences to national and international travelers, by organizing and executing a wide variety of educational jungle journeys and in different Amazonian territories of Peru.


Followed by the constitution of his own Travel Operator Company, Christian in this present, is always planning, coordinating and leading expeditions and amazon survival training in zero tourist traffic areas, on pre-established schedule dates, and with advance reservations only. All in his own unique and nomadic style, Christian's main objective is to provide each traveler who seeks for his services, to live one of the most integrated, realistic and genuine experiences as locals do within a beautiful natural ecosystem and as complex as the Amazon rainforest.



Logistics and Transportation Chief

Agricultural Engineer - Expert in Navigation of Amazonian Rivers - Jungle Expeditioner and Coordinator - Co Founder of AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS - Born in Porvenir, Amazon Rainforest - Raised between Lima, Peru and Iquitos, Peru - Amazonian Origins - Languages "Spanish and English". 

Enrique, was unmatched pioneer explorer and navigator of multiple major rivers and tributaries of the Amazon basins in the decades of the 70s, 80s and 90s.  In 2015, from Christian (his son), he was presented with a new opportunity, after a serious proposal of a blood bond hard to reject. The opportunity to immerse himself in a new dream adventure with his beloved son. Unlimited journeys that ended up united them entirely, and discovering an stronger feeling of common passion, experiences only translated in a language that only both understood within a majestic tropical Amazon jungle so unique and complex.

Enrique, deep inside believed that each person has an individual destiny, and the way in which that person tries and manages to change the destiny of that source for the better is deep inside of one. Only oneself can find its origin, since nobody can impose on anybody how to find what or who to believe. You have to learn to explore and discover your interior, only in this way we will feel a supreme force revealed through our own consciousness. "Starting AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS was the best thing that could ever happen to both of us as father and son in our lives".

Enrique, knows the Peruvian Amazon and its borders very well, with more than 40 years of experience navigating, there are no large rivers or tributaries within this region that Enrique has not traveled. AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS feels very honored to have someone with so much knowledge and experience within the team.


Maestro Eduardo.jpeg

Master Shaman

Eduardo is a well known Master in the Ayahuasca plant medicine around the city of Iquitos and Moyobamba where he is originally from, Don Eduardo is an 88 years old Maestro Ayahuasquero with over 60 years of experience as a spiritual healer with over 5,500 Ayahuasca ceremonies in his collective years of hard dedication. This is a doctrine he has begun practicing since the age of thirteen. 


Maestro Eduardo is better known also as Maestro Eduardo by all his students and the local people he has served and helped cure over the years. Maestro Eduardo has well deserved the title of Maestro Ayahuasquero at the age of 22 upon completion of 9 years of isolated diets in the Amazon rainforest of Peru in the native community of Pucashpa given by one of the most eldest pioneer Maestros Shamans across the Amazonian region "Maestro Alejandro Arevalo".


Maestro Ramon.jpeg

Master Shaman

Ramon is a native indigenous of the Achuars' Tribe, tribe located between the border of Peru and Ecuador, where the Pastaza and the Morora Rivers run parallel to each other. Ramon started his studies with the medicinal plant Ayahuasca since the age of 11 and began his practice as a healer since he was 16 years old.

Maestro Ramon had the opportunity to travel throughout the Amazon region offering his services and abilities to heal with natural medicine with the specialty that characterizes him the most "Ayahuasca and Tabaco". Today at his 80s and due to a recent accident that ended leaving him unable to walk well, he is only dedicating his services to the habitats of his remote village.


For reasons of destiny and after so many continuous trips, Amazon Expeditioners is full of enthusiasm for being able to have found a Shaman of his caliber since this past 2015.  At present we have the privilege to have him as part of our team, as well as to assist him in continuing to expand his ancestral knowledge in shamanic spiritualism with the Mother Ayahuasca medicine.


Maestro Carlos.jpeg

Master Shaman

Carlos is a 55 years old healer, Peruvian and native of the Loreto region, born and raise between the depth of the Amazon rainforest and Iquitos city. Carlos has over 40 years of experience working with ayahuasca. He has guided over 1,500+ ceremonies for people from all parts of the globe always working as a team with Maestro Fernando.

Maestro Carlitos along with Maestro Fernando are spiritually connected, and the assistance they provide to each other when conducting ceremonies together, increases power to the spiritual atmosphere, their alliance to the lineage they shared it's a must to have on every healing session.


They both apprenticed the Ayahuasca healing doctrine under the tutelage of Maestro Eduardo going through long and intense isolated diets inside the Amazon rainforest for many years in order to inheritance their well-deserved title of Maestros Curanderos (Master Shamans).


Maestro Fernando.jpeg

Master Shaman

Fernando is a 40-year-old healer and spiritual guide, Peruvian and native of the Loreto region, born and raised in Iquitos city. Fernando specializes in the studies with ancestral Amazonian medicinal plants, with over 20 years of experience performing intense diets of physical and spiritual healing with medicinal plants as his main specialty the Ayahuasca.


Fernando was finally consecrated by his elderly Masters of the Amazon basin, as Master Ayahuasquero in 2012. Receiving the blessing of his teachers from the beginning of his long journey, today his goal is to share his wisdom granted through Auahuasca with every person of good reception, open minded and willing to accept the medicine.

Master Fernando is considered one of Master Eduardo's two best students, and in the 20 years of experience forged, he has conducted countless healing sessions as Master Ayahuasquero, as well as has dedicated his time to training and teaching self-healing practices to others, guiding them in the search for their own spiritual vision through Ayahuasca.

Master Fernando continues studying of spiritual healing with ancient medicinal plants and exchanging wisdom with other respected elderly Masters of the region during his continuous trips to the Amazon basin, in the surroundings of the city of Iquitos, and on the outskirts of Lima city. AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS is pleased to have a Master with his experience as a member of its team since 2014.



Jungle Survival Guide and Instructor 

Expert in Jungle Survival - Jungle Expeditioner, Coordinator, Guide, and Instructor - Born in the Ampiyacu Huitoto Territory - Raised in the Ampiyacu Huitoto Territory, Peruvian Amazon Rainforest - Amazonian Ethnic Group "Huitoto" - Languages "Huitoto, Spanish and English".


 Nestor,  30 years old, starting from a very young age had a passion for showing others his native culture, finding himself always wanting to learn other languages to become a Certified Tourist Guide.


After leaving his Village at an adult age to seek for education from town to town, Nestor finally move to the city of Iquitos, where he eventually started his gradual introduction into the tourism field, working on part time jobs to assist his family in his village. With limited financial resources to acquire better education, Nestor found himself with no other option but to start his own self-improvement education independently in what he loves the most "La Selva Amazónica", "The Amazon Jungle".

From small jobs as an assistant tour guide of other guides in town, with the only purpose to auto-educate himself with learning the English language on his own to moving up in better job positions over the years. At present, Nestor is currently attending part time classes at the University of Iquitos, and leading expeditions with the AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS team to the Ampiyacu and other territories when his presence is needed. Nestor's' effort and dedication is with no doubt a great contribution for every successful mission he leads.



Jungle Survival Guide and Instructor 

Expert in Jungle Survival - Jungle Expeditioner, Coordinator, Guide, and Instructor - Born in Nuevo Valentin, Pastaza Achuar Territory - Raised in the Pastaza Achuar Territory, Peruvian Amazon Rainforest - Amazonian Ethnic Group "Achuar" - Languages "Achuar, Wambisa and Spanish".


Sergio, also like his father Maestro Ramon he is a native of the Achuars/Shuar ethnic group, and serves as a translator for his father for all the Ayahuasca visitors coming to his Village. As a member of the AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS team, he is one of our Kampu Native Facilitator Experts and has many years of experience in all the ritual process that requires from beginning to end. 


Sergio is also one of the Lead Instructor of our Survival Courses, the second in command after Christian during survival training expeditions. Sergio is without a doubt a great hunter, fisherman and jungle expert.


Best known by our past visitors as "Mas Que un Hombre"...."More than a Man", due to his abilities to solve almost everything in any Amazonian terrain and to his unlimited physical and mental endurance in the most difficult situations. Definitely a great contribution to the team, AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS has the honor to have him as part of the family.


IMG_7538 (1).JPG

Jungle Survival Guide 

Expert in Jungle Survival - Jungle Expeditioner, Coordinator, and Guide - Born in the Matses Territory - Raised in the Matses Territory, Peruvian Amazon Rainforest - Amazonian Ethnic Group "Matses" - Languages "Matses, and Spanish".


Marco, 37 years old, born and raised in the border between Peru and Brazil, with more than 15 years of experience working in the support and assistance of multiples extreme expeditions within the Peruvian Amazon.


Hunter, fisherman, and jungle expert, Marco is a very fundamental member and very devoted to his duties and responsibilities towards the AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS team, both before and during the coordination and logistics organization within his territory, including the reception and execution of all expeditions from start to finish.


Marco and his role on his assignments always knows how to fit perfectly in whatever is necessary, as a porter,  jungle navigator, motorboat operator, and mainly as a Jungle Survival Guide.



Jungle Survival Guide 

Expert in Jungle Survival - Jungle Expeditioner, and Guide - Born in the Ampiyacu Yagua Territory - Raised in the Ampiyacu Yagua Territory, Peruvian Amazon Rainforest - Amazonian Ethnic Group "Yagua" - Languages "Yagua, and Spanish".


Humberto, 51 years old, born and raised like most members of our team in the Amazon rainforest. Humberto is a man who all his life has devoted himself faithfully to fishing and hunting animals for survival purposes, he has great knowledge in tracking different species of wildlife, he is undoubtedly an extraordinary tracker, a key and fundamental addition to our team when it comes to finding exotic species.


Humberto, as a good jungle expeditioner, also has a lot of knowledge of Amazonian medicinal plants, both in their identification and their use. A good caliber jungle and river navigator, dedicated and focused on his assigned role during each expedition, with multiple anecdotes to tell about our mysterious Amazon rainforest, a very important member of AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS.



Jungle Survival Guide / Camp Operations 

Expert in Jungle Survival - Jungle Expeditioner, Coordinator, and Guide - Born in Nuevo Valentin, Pastaza Achuar Territory - Raised in the Pastaza Achuar Territory, Peruvian Amazon Rainforest - Amazonian Ethnic Group "Achuar" - Languages "Achuar, and Spanish".


Triller, a native of the Achuar ethnic group, is in charge of running camp operations, overseeing the kitchen, cleaning, camp maintenance, and the assistance to visitors while in transit on expeditions to the Tamshiyacu - Tahuayo Regional and Communal Conservation Area, expeditions with names such as the AMAZON CROSSING EXPEDITIONS, the AMAZON MASTER PLANTS EXPEDITIONS, and as well as other short to long lasting retreat stays at our Private Jungle Guest House.


Triller, works hard while travelers are in transit, providing excellent service and assistance, with the food, clean environment and more, always helping others in times of need.


The development of the camp both in the construction and in the implementation of ideas for the improvement of the natural environment, is undoubtedly a sample of its constant dedication and effort, experience acquired over the years. Triller, has undoubtedly became a very important member of the AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS team since 2018.



Logistics Operations Assistant 

Jungle Expeditioner, Coordinator, and Cook - Born in Iquitos, Peru - Raised in Iquitos, Peru - Amazonian Origins - Languages "Spanish".


Antonio, 46 years old and a native of Iquitos, fulfills the role of logistics operations assistant in the city, and as the main person in charge of the distribution and handling of food during the trips.

Antonio has been working in tourism for approximately 15 years within several important hotel corporations, from kitchen assistant, main cook, general assistant for maintenance and cleaning, and as a receptionist in different hotels in the city of Iquitos.

Antonio has a very close relationship with AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS since its initial years, participating in multiple expeditions not only putting his touch of flavor with his seasoning on the typical regional foods offered during each trip, but also with his peculiar charisma and good sense of humor that It never goes unnoticed.

With almost 30 years of friendship since adolescence with Christian and his family, Antonio is one of the most loyal additions to the AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS team.